Castro Marim Guadiana

Sailing up the river Guadina surrounded by nature an historical town awaits you.

Castro Marim has, historically, been an important town because of its position near the banks of the Guadiana and its proximity to the coast.

The remains of the first settlements in the area date from about 5000BC and it is thought likely that at this time the town was an island surrounded by shallow waters. For thousands of years it was a port that offered shelter to the ships that sailed the Guadiana collecting metals and other wares from Alcoutim and was also connected to Lisbon by a Roman road that ran parallel to the river.

Castro Marim is a town of typically Portuguese houses and quite wide streets and a lot of the area around is quite flat, making it ideal for bike rides or walks. It seems a very 'laid back' hustle and bustle, just people going about their daily tasks and stopping to take an occasional break at one of the local cafés.

If you want to stay somewhere a little different, with wonderful countryside to explore, and relax into the Algarve way of life, then visit Castro Marim - you won't be disappointed!

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