A lively resort with numerous bars, restaurants and nightclubs. It's a classy, carefree fun beach resort.

The cliff top promenade of Praia da Rocha is one long strip of bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs, which cater for all styles from trendy and funky through to tacky themed bars.

Portimão Sail Week

Portimão is famous for its nice, sandy beaches with warm waters. One of the most well-known beaches of Portimão is Praia da Rocha (2 km south of Portimão), which was one of the first famous seaside resorts in the Algarve. Praia da Rocha is now one of the main tourist resorts and has a large beautiful beach, which is some kilometres long. In Praia da Rocha you find almost all water sports. There is a boulevard with a nice atmosphere, nice shops, a gambling casino, many discos and bars with live music. From Praia da Rocha you can take beautiful long walks of many kilometres to Praia do Vau, another supperb beach.

This region offers a stunning coastline of beautiful beaches, great tourists facilities and almost perfect year round weather. Though Portimao and Lagos are only separated by 20km they are suited for very different styles of tourists and this guide will identify which resort town is designed for your holiday. Through this guide we refer to Portimao but the coastline resort of Portimao is actually the town of Praia da Rocha. Portimao city is 3km north of the Praia da Rocha coast and is a sleepy residential city, which few tourists would want to be based in.

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