Stunning beaches and a traditional resort town with cobbled streets and pretty tiled houses.

Tavira is a pretty and traditional resort town that is situated on the eastern side of the beautiful Algarve coastline.

Tavira has developed responsibly into a popular holiday destination, having retained its character and heritage; there are no ugly holiday complexes just cobbled streets and pretty tiled houses.

The beaches of the region are simply stunning and extend along the 12km length of the Ilha de Tavira. Tavira makes for a great base from which to explore the surrounding region, as the town is connected to the main railway of southern Portugal. Tavira does not aim for mass tourism and is more designed for the slightly more independent visitor. In summary Tavira Portugal is a great holiday destination either as an entire holiday or as a location on a tour of the Algarve. Hotels are considerably cheaper than the western Algarve and food is of an excellent standard, which is again significantly cheaper than the main resort towns. Tavira has a lot to offer with many varied day trips and a pretty historic centre.

All said Tavira is the best resort town on the eastern Algarve and should be included on any tour of the region.

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