How can I join PSW?
In order to be part of PSW, you just need to gather a group of friends and choose the perfect week that suits you.

Can I rent a Yacht for just a few days?
No, you can only rent the Yacht for 1 week between the 5 available weeks.

Can I arrive later or leave before?
If that would be necessary, warn our team.

What is the average age of people who participate?
The average age of the people who participate in PSW is 27 years old.

Can I book my flight trough PSW?
Yes, we can book your flights and include transfer to Vilamoura.

Is food and drinks included?
No, food and drinks are not included in the package.


When will I receive the details about my reservation?
You will receive all the details about your reservation by email after paying the reservation signal (30%).

After doing my reservation, when do I have to pay the remaining?
The payments work as follow: 30% at reservation, 60% until March 31 and the final 10% until June 15 th 2018.


Can I reserve one single place?
Yes, it is possible to reserve one single place. This will only be attributed 1 month before the beginning of your week.

It is possible to book for 3 persons?
Yes it is possible. 2 of these 3 persons will be together in 1 cabin and the remaining person will have to share the other cabin with another person.


Can I change the Yacht I had reserved?
No, after doing your reservation it is not possible to change your Yacht.

Does my Yacht include bath towels?
Yes, all yachts include bath and beach towels.


Can I choose my Skipper?
No, the skipper is attributed randomly.

Can I choose my Hostess?
No, the Hostess is attributed randomly.

Will the Skipper and the Hostess speak my language?
Yes, every effort will be made for both the skipper and the hostess to speak the language of the members of the Yacht.


What is the Yacht Ratio?
Each Yacht has a ratio of 50% women and 50% men.

After doing my reservation, can I change my Yacht ratio?
No, after doing the reservation you can’t change the Yacht ratio.

I can’t find ladies or gentleman to my Yacht. What should i do?
The PSW have created a Facebook group so you can meet other people to join your Yacht. ‘Portugal Sail Week – Crew Finder’


Can I add a food package to my Yacht?
It is only possible to add a breakfast package per person that costs 70€ for the whole week.

Can I add a drinks package to my Yacht?
Drink packages will be available for purchase on the Yacht itself.


Can I cancel my Yacht after making my reservation?
You can cancel your yacht within 24 hours of booking.

If I cancel my Yacht after 24 hours of reservation, do I get my money back?
No, if you cancel your Yacht after 24 hours, you will not receive your money back.

Can I split the payment of the Yacht with my friends?
No, only one person will be responsible for the online payment.

Which payment methods are accepted?
You will be able to pay your Yacht by Credit Card or Bank Transfer.